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  • Public Schools vs. Private Schools

    Public Schools vs Private Schools

    The main difference between private and public schools is how they are funded and governed. This article primarily focuses on colleges & universities, however the same principles apply to high school & middle school. Private schools are typically independently funded...

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  • How To Get Recruited Student Athlete

    Student-Athletes: Recruitment Strategy 101

    Student-athletes go to the front of the line in the admissions process. They also have to start visiting and communicating with colleges earlier than other students because many coaches finalize their list of recruited students in the summer before or...

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  • Recommendation Letter Tips

    Recommendation Letter Tips

    The recommendations that accompany your application are incredibly important and informative. A "B" student with truly outstanding recommendations may be preferable to an "A" student whose teachers can't be bothered to come up with more original adjectives than “hardworking” and...

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  • College Scholarships Tips

    Scholarships: Show Me The Money

    In addition to the financial aid that you may get from a college, there are hundreds of other college scholarships out there for B students. Many students falsely believe that the only way to get a scholarship is to have...

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