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Callous Meaning and Definition In Layman's terms


In layman's terms - someone who is cold-hearted

Callous Definition & Meaning

The term callous typically refers to a person who is emotionally hardened and indifferent to the suffering of others. It can also describe a person who is insensitive or unfeeling in general. A callous individual may lack empathy and be unable to sympathize with others, even in situations that would typically elicit an emotional response.

In a physical sense - The term can also refer to an area of skin that has become hardened and thickened due to repeated friction or pressure.

Callous Used in a Sentence

  1. The head cheerleader's callous attitude towards the team's injuries left many feeling like they were not valued as individuals, but only performers.
  2. The college admissions office's callous rejection of applicants without providing feedback left many feeling disheartened.
  3. The debate team captain's callous rejection of his teammates' ideas alienated many. The team's success suffered as a result.

Callous Similar Words & Phrases (Synonyms)

  1. Heartless
  2. Unfeeling
  3. Insensitive
  4. Indifferent
  5. Inconsiderate

Callous Opposite Words & Phrases (Antonyms)

  1. Compassionate
  2. Sensitive
  3. Empathetic
  4. Caring
  5. Kind-hearted


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