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The World Explained In Plain English.
Exacerbate meaning in layman's terms


In layman's terms - to make something worse

The word "exacerbate" means to make worse or more severe. In general, the term is used in a negative context.

Exacerbate is most often used as a transitive verb, meaning that it takes an object. You can exacerbate someone's pain by rubbing salt in the wound.

Exacerbate Used In A Sentence

The year 2020 was horrible for many people because of COVID-19. The situation was exacerbated in America by the lack of initial response.

Tom decided to work on his history report at the very last minute. He was in the middle of writing a sentence when his laptop shut off. Tom didn't realize he did not have his laptop plugged in and the battery power was getting low. Upset, Tom grabs his laptop smashing it against the desk, exacerbating his current situation. Now Tom cannot complete his work.

Exacerbate Synonyms

  1. Worsen
  2. Escalate
  3. Fan The Flame
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