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Harvest Meaning & Definition


In layman's terms - collecting crops like corn, fruits & vegetables from a farm

Harvest Definition & Meaning

Harvest is a term used to describe the process of gathering crops from a field or farm. It's the time of year when farmers pick and collect the crops they have grown, such as fruits, vegetables, grains, or other plants that are used for food or other purposes. 

In a broader sense, "harvest" can also refer to the process of collecting or gathering anything that has been grown or produced, such as wood, honey, or wool.

Harvest Used in a Sentence

  1. The farmer spent all day in the fields, harvesting the ripe tomatoes and cucumbers from his garden.
  2. They had a bountiful harvest of pumpkins this year.
  3. He harvested a handful of berries from the bush.

Harvest Similar Words & Phrases (Synonyms)

  1. Collect
  2. Gather
  3. Pick
  4. Reap
  5. Yield

Harvest Opposite Words & Phrases (Antonyms)

  1. Plant
  2. Sow
  3. Cultivate
  4. Produce
  5. Nourish


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