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Heterogeneous meaning and definition


In layman's terms - a mixed group of things or people that are not alike (commonly used in Chemistry)

Heterogeneous Definition & Meaning

Heterogeneous means "diverse" or "made up of different parts." It refers to a group of things that are not the same or alike. For example, a heterogeneous mixture is unevenly mixed, while a homogeneous mixture is one that's evenly mixed. A heterogeneous group of people is made up of individuals with different backgrounds, experiences, and traits.

Heterogeneous Used in a Sentence

  1. The salad was a heterogeneous mixture of greens, vegetables, and fruits.
  2. New York City is a heterogeneous melting pot of cultures and backgrounds.
  3. The restaurant had a heterogeneous menu, with dishes from different cuisines and cultures.

Heterogeneous Similar Words & Phrases (Synonyms)

  1. Diverse
  2. Varied
  3. Mixed
  4. Multi-faceted
  5. Eclectic

Heterogeneous Opposite Words & Phrases (Antonyms)

  1. Homogeneous
  2. Same
  3. Similar
  4. Consistent
  5. Uniform


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