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Legacy Meaning & Definition


In layman's terms - something passed from one generation to the next

Legacy Definition & Meaning

A legacy refers to something that is passed down from one generation to the next, typically in the context of something valuable or meaningful. This can include physical items like property or money, but it can also include intangible things like knowledge, values, beliefs, and traditions.

A legacy can also refer to the impact that a person or organization has had on the world, which can continue to be felt long after they are gone.

Legacy Used in a Sentence

  1. Paul's legacy as a great inventor and innovator will never be forgotten.
  2. She inherited a sizable legacy from her grandparents, which she plans to use to pay for college and start her own business.
  3. The legacy college student was thrilled to receive her acceptance letter from her family's alma mater, which she hoped would help her to continue her family's tradition of academic excellence.

Legacy Similar Words & Phrases (Synonyms)

  1. Inheritance
  2. Estate
  3. Remembrance
  4. Tradition
  5. Heritage

Legacy Opposite Words & Phrases (Antonyms)

  1. Responsibility
  2. Burden
  3. Obligation
  4. Liability
  5. Debt


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