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opaque definition in laymans terms


In layman's terms - something that does not let light pass through

Opaque Definition & Meaning

In a literal sense, something that is opaque does not let light pass through, like a wall that you cannot see through.

In a figurative sense, "opaque" refers to something that is hard to understand because it is either intentionally not clear or just complicated. For instance, if a book is written in a very complicated way, it can be said to be opaque.

Opaque Used in Sentences

1. The black paint was so opaque that it blocked out all the sunlight.
2. The politician’s explanation was opaque, leaving everyone confused.
3. The clouds were so dense and opaque, making it difficult to see the sky.
4. His motives were totally opaque, leaving everyone to speculate.
5. The fog was so thick, it created an opaque veil over the city.
6. The curtains were so opaque, you couldn’t see inside the house.

Opaque Similar Words & Phrases (Synonyms)

1. Obscure
2. Murky
3. Impenetrable
4. Obfuscated
5. Clouded
6. Dark
7. Concealed
8. Unclear
9. Inscrutable
10. Dim


Opaque Opposite Words & Phrases (Antonyms)

1. Transparent
2. Clear
3. Distinct
4. Apparent
5. Plain
6. Translucent
7. Transpicuous
8. Lucid
9. Transparently
10. Manifest

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