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ostracize definition in laymans terms


In layman's terms - to exclude someone from a community by social, political, or religious means.

Ostracize Definition & Meaning

The word "ostracize" is a verb that means to exclude someone from a community, often by popular agreement or social pressure. When someone is ostracized, they are intentionally avoided, shunned, or rejected by others, often as a form of punishment.

Ostracize Used in Sentences

1. She was ostracized from the club for inappropriate behavior.
2. He felt ostracized when his friends stopped talking to him.
3. The group of students ostracized the new student from the cafeteria.
4. The student's offensive language ostracized him from the class.
5. She was ostracized for her beliefs and ideas.
6. His peers ostracized him for being different.

Ostracize Similar Words & Phrases (Synonyms)

1. Expel
2. Isolate
3. Excommunicate
4. Banish
5. Reject
6. Shun
7. Censure
8. Exclude
9. Disown
10. Blacklist


Ostracize Opposite Words & Phrases (Antonyms)

1. Include
2. Welcome
3. Accept
4. Endorse
5. Admit
6. Acknowledge
7. Celebrate
8. Praise
9. Embrace
10. Honor

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