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Terrestrial definition


In layman's terms - of or relating to the planet Earth

Terrestrial Definition & Meaning

Terrestrial is an adjective that describes things that are related to the planet Earth or to land-based creatures, which means not living in water or air.

It can also refer to things that are natural, physical, or ordinary, rather than things that are heavenly or spiritual. For instance, the phrase "terrestrial planet" is used to explain any planets in our solar system made mostly of rock or metal, such as Earth, Mars, Venus, and Mercury.

In biology, "terrestrial animals" are creatures that live mostly on land, rather than in the ocean or sky.

Terrestrial Used in Sentences

1. The terrestrial planet Mars has two natural satellites.
2. The terrestrial realm is full of diverse life.
3. Terrestrial organisms are adapted to land-based environments.
4. The tortoise is one of the oldest terrestrial species.
5. We studied the properties of terrestrial air.
6. Terrestrial plants play a key role in the global ecosystem.

Terrestrial Similar Words & Phrases (Synonyms)

1. Earthly
2. Land-based
3. Landlocked
4. Earthborn
5. Grounded
6. Earthbound
7. Geologic
8. Landward
9. Earth-centered
10. Ground-dwelling


Terrestrial Opposite Words & Phrases (Antonyms)

1. Aquatic
2. Aqueous
3. Marine
4. Nautical
5. Fluid
6. Oceanic
7. Watery
8. Saline
9. Seaborne
10. Marine-based

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