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Unanimous definition


In layman's terms - everyone agreeing to an opinion, decision, or action.

Unanimous Definition & Meaning

Unanimous means everyone agrees. If a decision is unanimous, that means all the people involved agreed on the same thing. For example, if a family is deciding on a movie to watch and they all want to watch the same movie, that decision is unanimous.

Unanimous Used in Sentences

1. The jury's verdict was unanimous and the suspect was found guilty.
2. The students were unanimous in their decision to join study groups.
3. We are unanimous in our belief that aliens exist.

Unanimous Similar Words & Phrases (Synonyms)

1. Agreed
2. Harmonious
3. Complete
4. Consistent
5. United
6. Concordant
7. Unitary
8. Solidarity
9. Mutual
10. Undivided

Unanimous Opposite Words & Phrases (Antonyms)

1. Divided
2. Separate
3. Disagreed
4. Unequal
5. Dissenting
6. Inconsistent
7. Disunited
8. Discordant
9. Disparate
10. Varied

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