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Unorthodox definition


In layman's terms - outside of what's considered normal

Unorthodox Definition & Meaning

Unorthodox means not following the usual or traditional way of doing things. It's often used to describe something that is different, unusual, or unexpected. For example, if someone has an unorthodox approach to solving a problem, they might come up with a solution that most people wouldn't think of.

Unorthodox Used in Sentences

1. She chose an unorthodox approach to solve her math problem.
2. His behavior was far too unorthodox for the company to hire him.
3. His opinions were seen as unorthodox by his peers.
4. The group had to take an unorthodox route to reach their travel destination.
5. She displayed an unorthodox but effect method of teaching.
6. He had an unorthodox style of cooking, but it tastes great!

Unorthodox Similar Words & Phrases (Synonyms)

1. Unconventional
2. Deviant
3. Irregular
4. Peculiar
5. Divergent
6. Nonconforming

Unorthodox Opposite Words & Phrases (Antonyms)

1. Orthodox
2. Typical
3. Conventional
4. Standard
5. Normal
6. Regular

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