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Wombat definition


In layman's terms - a marsupial native to Australia; Also a slang referring to someone who's lazy.

Wombat Definition & Meaning

A wombat is a mammal native to Australia. It is a marsupial, similar to kangaroos and koalas. Wombats are known for their stout and muscular bodies, short legs, and small tails. They are herbivorous animals and primarily feed on grasses, roots, and bark.

In Australian slang, "wombat" can sometimes be used to describe a person who is slow, lazy, or lacking in initiative. It is often used humorously or affectionately to refer to someone who is perceived as being a bit sluggish or unmotivated.

Wombat Used in Sentences

1. My little brother is such a wombat - he sleeps until noon every day!
2. I saw a wombat at the zoo - he was so cute!
3. I could tell my date was a wombat because he only wanted to watch TV.
4. Wombats are great burrowers, making intricate tunnels in the ground.
5. We all had a good laugh when the wombat ended up asleep in the chair.

Wombat Similar Words & Phrases (Synonyms)

1. Marsupial
2. Sluggard
3. Dozy
4. Slugabed
5. Torpid
6. Idle
7. Lethargic
8. Languid
9. Sluggish
10. Drowsy

Wombat Opposite Words & Phrases (Antonyms)

1. Energetic
2. Industrious
3. Alert
4. Sprightly
5. Active
6. Lively
7. Vigorous
8. Busy

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