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Jogging Alternatives

8 Jogging Alternatives That Will Get You In Shape!


Do you enjoy jogging? I don't. Let me rephrase that. I don't enjoy jogging all the time. The fact is that my ankles are not strong enough to jog continuously. Usually, I jog a mile a day, but my ankle and shin are so sore by the third day that it prevents me from running the fourth day. I decided to search for a combination of aerobic& cardio exercises that I can do throughout the week that effectively burn calories and came up with a pretty interesting list. The following list of alternative jogging exercises varies based on intensity, repetition, and duration and are in no particular order.



1. Jack Rabbit


The Jack Rabbit exercise is a pretty intense alternative to jogging, a little more challenging than jumping rope. To do the Jack Rabbit exercise you start in a push-up position, and while both hands are firmly on the floor, you thrust both legs forward, so your knees touch the back of your forearms, and then you hop back into starting position. There is also a pilates version of the Jack Rabbit exercise, but it is not a replacement for jogging because of it's low intensity. You should do this exercise at normal-to-fast speed, just to elevate your heart rate and really work the legs. The Jack Rabbit exercise imitates a Jack Rabbit (animal) running. It's not a popular workout that everyone does but, when I got into trouble as a kid, my father would make me perform this exercise so this is why I remember it.



2. Sideways Shuffle


The Sideways Shuffle is my second favorite jogging alternative. The Sideways Shuffle is most effective on an incline. You will feel this exercise working your quadriceps muscles and your glutes (butt muscle). You can get a great workout going on flat surfaces as well, I've done it on a boardwalk near the beach, but it's a more intense and satisfying workout going up a hill.



3. Ruck Walking


Ruck walk, or "rucking" as it's commonly called is a military exercise where the soldiers' brisk walk, even jog, with a heavy military bag weighing 35 - 50lbs for 3 - 12 miles. I prefer to ruck walk on a Saturday or Sunday in comfortable weather while listening to music. Sometimes I listen to military style music just to get into the spirit of the walk. In New York I ruck on the boardwalk or on the sand of the beach, In Baltimore I like to do it on Jones Trail. You can ruck in the streets or anywhere really as long as you meet the goal of rucking approximately 3 miles. Trails are just my preference because I love the outdoors and being one with nature. You should also bring a bottle of water and something to snack on. I either carry trail mix or peanut M&Ms. For those of you who didn't know M&Ms were originally military snacks for soldiers and if its good for soldiers to eat then it is good enough for me.



4. Jumping Rope

Jumping Rope


Jumping rope is the number one most effective ways to burn calories according to most research. A jump rope is fairly cheap ($10 - $20) and doesn't require you to be far from your home. You can burn calories in a shorter time with jumping rope, than you would with any other aerobic or cardio exercises. The average person burns 10 - 15 calories per minute jumping rope.



5. Skipping


Skipping has become my favorite alternative exercise to jogging, and it is an underrated exercise. The Skipping exercise combines both jogging and jumping rope techniques. You are propelling forward just like a jog while simultaneously taking a vertical leap in the air like jumping rope. I find myself sweating more, skipping a mile than running a mile. According to a Healthline article Skipping: Exercise Benefits Over Running researchers from East Carolina University and Appalachian State University found skippers burn 30 percent more calories than runners. Although I sweat more with jumping rope, I can only do a hundred jumps before Im forced to take a break. When skipping, I can go an hour and a half without taking a break. I learned that skipping improved the number of jumps I performed on the jump rope as well. I went from barely doing 100 consecutive jumps on the jump rope to doing 200 consecutive jumps before taking a break.



6. Jumping Jacks

Jumping jacks is another cardio workout that elevates the heart in just a short amount of time. Jumping Jacks require absolutely no equipment. However, you can add ankle or wrist weights to make the exercise more challenging. This exercise is also very convenient because you are staying in place while working out multiple muscles simultaneously, including abs, legs (especially the thighs), and shoulders.



7. Running In Place

Black Jogger

In theory, this would be a great alternative to jogging, but it's more like a warmup than a workout. I find it difficult to run in place for long periods, but with a little twist in technique, it can work effectively. One day while it was raining outside, I jogged in place inside my hotel room, with my arms stretched out, leaning forward on my bed. Thirty minutes later, my face and chest were drenched in sweat. It's worth trying as long as you do not have neighbors living under you.



8. Imaginary Jump Rope

Imaginary jump rope is simply jumping up and down. This is also a great jogging alternative that does not require specialized equipment. It's a less effective cardio workout than jumping rope because your arms are not actively rotating, which would workout the shoulders, but jumping up and down is a great workout for your thighs and quadriceps. Very convenient workout that burn calories quick.


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