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The World Explained In Plain English.
11 Best Superfoods You Should Include in Your Diet

11 Best Superfoods You Should Include in Your Diet

Superfoods are food items claimed to offer extensive health benefits. They can be eaten in their natural form or made into freeze dried powders to add to smoothies, soups or dips. It is important to note that the term “superfood” is more of a marketing term rather than a scientific classification, and usually includes natural ingredients and high nutrients.
In this article, we will list some of the best superfoods along with the nutrients they provide, and the benefits to a persons health.



Berries are a great source of fiber and antioxidants, which are specific compounds that help the body get rid of free radicals formed by oxidative stress.

2.Chia Seeds

Chia Seeds

Providing antioxidants, fiber, healthy fats and protein, these seeds are a perfect example of a superfood. They are extremely versatile as they can be used to prepare chia puddings, added to baked goods or sprinkled on yogurt, fruit or salads.



This green leafy vegetable is rich in antioxidant, fibre, calcium and vitamin K. Calcium is very important to sustain bone health and to support muscle contraction, and vitamin K was shown to aid its absorption.

4.Extra Virgin Olive Oil

Extra Virgin Olive Oil

Extra virgin olive oil is made from pure cold-pressed olives, and thanks to its processing method provides a vast array of nutrients which would otherwise get deteriorated. Extra virgin olive oil is a great source of vitamin E, polyphenols and healthy fats, all important to support a healthy heart.



Walnuts are an amazing source of omega 3 fatty acids, known to improve memory and coordination.



Particularly popular in the past few years, avocado gained recognition not only thanks to its great taste but also due to its amazing health properties. Avocados are in fact not only rich in healthy fats that help the absorption of other nutrients, but they are also a great source of potassium, which is an essential nutrient for human tissues.



 Edamame soybeans are rich in protein and fiber that can help regulate blood sugar levels and appetite. Edamame also provides folate and phytosterols, which help to lower cholesterol levels in our blood.



Flaxseeds are rich in healthy fats, antioxidants and fiber, and are an amazing option to improve digestive health and decrease the levels of bad cholesterol in the blood. 

9.Live Bacteria Natural Yogurt


Yogurt prepared with live bacteria is an amazing source of high quality proteins. Yogurt can also improve the digestive system by feeding the gut with good bacteria. A healthy gut is important not only to improve digestion, but also to sustain the immune system.



Well known for its blood pressure and cholesterol lowering properties, garlic is probably one of the most underrated superfoods. It also provides vitamin C, which supports a healthy immune system.



Amaranth, a grain-like seed, is a great source of Vitamin C and plant protein, as well as a good source of fiber. Amaranth is also gluten free, making it a wonderful alternative for people suffering from coeliac disease.

This list of superfoods inlude a small number of foods with amazing nutrients and health properties. In general, make sure to consume as much fresh ingredients as possible to stay healthy.


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