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Get Discovered As A Rapper

How To Get Discovered As a Rapper

So you want to know how to get discovered as a rapper? There are many aspiring rappers & musicians self-promoting themselves on social media like Facebook, Instagram & Twitter. Many of them are not finding the level of success that they imagined and others resort to excuses as to why they are not as successful. The purpose of this article is to help rappers gain more exposure, in the areas that I am a little more experienced in and have more knowledge of. However, I do not have experience as a musician. In fact, my only music-related experience was doing freelance work for the nephew of ex-President of Capitol Records. But the tips given here are sound advice.


How To Become A Better Rapper



Stop Wasting Money on Creating Music Videos

A lot of young rappers I come across on Instagram have a music video professionally made for one of their songs. It is such a bad idea. I understand rappers want to be seen, but why would people care about your music video if they never even heard your music? Music videos are usually reserved for the artist's most popular, most listened to songs. What you look like or what you are doing in the video is secondary to the quality of the song. If you have a great video but people think the song sucks, you just wasted money. If people think the video suck but the song is great, they'll still listen to the song. Do not focus on video production unless you have a decent size fan base that cares enough, otherwise you are just wasting money. Do no rush the process, just trust the process.



Have A Personal Website

I cannot believe the number of rappers and musicians that do not have a personal website. They upload their music to YouTube & Soundcloud and have a account instead of a branded website. Forget and create a personal website for your music career.



SEO To Gain Exposure

Creating a website and doing SEO to get discovered in search engines is my area of expertise. It is a technique that will help get you discovered as a rapper in search engines such as Google & Bing, for free. SEO on your website will give you a competitive advantage over other musicians because they are currently not doing it.


How to Be a Great Rapper and Songwriter



The Music You Create: Brain, Heart & The Feet

The music you create should target 3 primary areas. That is the brain, the heart and the feet. Music that targets the brain and the heart will get you better engagement and will stay with the listener longer, while music that targets the feet has a better chance of going viral and really blowing up.


  • The Brain - This type of music forces your listeners to think. A perfect example of this is Jadakiss 2004 album release "Kiss of Death" track "Why". A better example is the "Why Remix" because it features more artists with more thought provoking lyrics. Papoose "Charades", Jay Z "D Evil", Kanye West "All Falls Down" are all great examples.


  • The Heart - This type of music forces your listeners to feel a strong emotion when listening to your music. Drake is a great example of this. The entire "Drake & Drive" meme came about because many of Drake songs make listeners emotional where they might end up trying to fix things with their ex. A specific song example is "Doing It Wrong" from his Take Care album released in 2011. J. Cole "Be Free", Eminem "Toy Soldier" , 50cent "Many Men" are also great examples.


  • The Feet - This type of music make your listeners want to dance in the club, party and just have fun. Dance music is more common in Hip Hop right now but many Hip Hop fans feel there is too much of this style of music in circulation. The Weeknd "Party Monster", Chris Brown ft Benny Benassi "Beautiful people", "Love in The Club" Jeezy are all great examples.

Rappers Are Entrepreneurs


Rappers are entrepreneurs, but many do not have the mindset, work ethic or strategic planning as business entrepreneurs. As stated before, many rappers believe after writing and producing their songs all they have to do is share links to a bunch of websites and ask people to listen to their songs to gain a fan. Business entrepreneurs on the other hand believe they have to work 60-80 hours per week doing various tasks to gain customers. You should treat your music career as a business.
Do Not Ask People To Listen To Your Music
Asking people to listen to your music is not optimal. People are going to get annoyed or completely ignore you and even if they do listen to it you won't get feedback, so you won't know if they thought it was good, or if it was garbage. Ontop of all of the above, you will not be able to turn these listeners into fans because you won't be able to contact them again for future music. You'll just have to roll the dice and hope they look for you.
Heres What You Should Do Instead
Do you know how most startup companies have a successful launch? They collect emails of people who are potentially interested in what they are offering. Then when their product, website or app officially launch they send out a mass email to the people that signed up, informing them that its now available.
Rappers would benefit so much from using this method. Instead of asking people to listen to your music just let them know you will be releasing a song soon and if they are interested they should sign up to get notified. This is where having your own website comes in handy again. Once you have their email you have a potential listener of your current song, any future song you release and possibly gain a fan of your music. All of this becomes possible because you asked for their emails instead of asking them to listen to your song.