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Personal Finance

  • How To Fill Out A Check

    How to Fill Out a Check Step-by-Step

    While many people have moved to use credit and debit cards for payment, about 20 percent of people still use checks. Whether you fall into that group or not, you should know how to fill out a check. That way,...

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  • Second Chance Banking

    Second Chance Banking

    Second chance banking accounts are checking accounts, offered by banks, to those listed on any consumer checking history database like ChexSystems or Telecheck. As an alternative to check cashing, second chance banks provide the opportunity to open a bank account,...

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  • Payday Loans In Layman's Terms

    Payday Loans Explained In Layman's Terms

    Payday loans (also referred to as cash advance loans or deferred deposit loans) are a type of short-term loan available to those needing access to immediate cash prior to an upcoming paycheck or income payment check, such as a social...

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  • A Complete Guide To Budgeting

    A Comlete Guide To Budgeting In Layman's Terms

     Budget Like A Boss! Table of Contents What is a Budget? 3 Types of Budgets Comprehensive Budget Problem Solving Budget Planning Budget Budgeting Tips to Remember Don’t Rush your Budget All Budgets Aren’t the Same Expect Surprises Stick to your...

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  • The Best Ways To Make Money While Quarantined

    The Best Ways To Make Money While Quarantined

    If you’re like most people, you’ve been finding yourself with lots of free time on your hands right now. You might’ve lost your job due to COVID-19 or you could just be temporarily quarantining. Either way, you’re probably looking for...

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