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Can I Use A Prepaid Card On Uber & Lyft?

Can I Use A Prepaid Card On Uber & Lyft?

In layman's terms - Yes, you can use prepaid debit cards such as Green Dot, Netspend, Amex Serve and others on both Uber & Lyft. I have used a prepaid card on these ride-sharing services for approximately four years. Below I provide screenshots of my cards connected to Uber & Lyft.

does uber take prepaid cards

Can I Use a Reloadable Card on Uber & Lyft?


You can use your prepaid debit card with Uber and Lyft. In the past, I ran into issues with adding my prepaid card and PayPal account with Uber but eventually, the problems resolved themselves. Lyft isn't available in as many cities as Uber, but I found creating an account with them is much easier. I currently have prepaid cards connected with both Uber & Lyft.


Prepaid Card Connected to Uber

Can I use a Prepaid card on Uber

Prepaid Cards Connected To Lyft

Can I use prepaid cards with Lyft

Uber & Lyft Price Increased as of 2020

As of 2020, Lyft has increased their prices based on need which may affect some of our readers. According to Business Insider, Lyft will cost more when you need them most. This increased price hike will affect riders who do not have any other options.

I recently scheduled a Lyft but forgot to move my money from the reserve account into the balance. My ride was then canceled because Lyft couldn't charge my card. However, when I fixed the problem and tried to book a second ride, the price went up to $30. I wasn't going to pay that amount, so I decided to check my other options, including Uber. Uber's price was set at $22. I was in the process of booking my ride with them but decided to recheck Lyft. Lyft's price had dropped to $18. Naturally, I went with Lyft.

How to Lower Uber and Lyft Prices?

Based on the Business Insider article linked above:
"Lyft is likely not going to raise prices on routes where people might be dissuaded to take another form of transportation. Instead, it will probably mean higher fares at times when you have no other choice, or when the route is so popular that the company can do without the fraction of people who might be turned off by the surge."

So how do you get around this? Here's my tip to the readers. Enter your destination in both Uber & Lyft to compare prices. Close both apps and wait approximately five minutes or longer. Now recheck the prices. The price you were given initially should be lower. Book your ride with the lowest-priced app.I have used the above method to trick Uber & Lyft into thinking they are not my only option for transportation. This trick usually lowers the price I pay.


Scheduling a Ride Price Comparison
Uber vs Lyft NYC


I made a comparison between the two apps while living in NYC. There is an excellent article from the New York Times that makes an overall comparison between Uber & Lyft. I decided to compare the apps focusing primarily on scheduling a ride and whether the ride was on time or not.

Scheduling a ride with Uber or Lyft is a great way to save money, especially if you need the ride during busy hours. If I catch a ride after work, which is usually busy, it costs between $12 - $15. However, when I scheduled Uber or LYFT to pick me up when they were most active, the ride only cost me $8.50. If your sole purpose is to save money, scheduling your ride with Uber or Lyft is the best way.

I've noticed from this experiment that Uber is much quicker and cleaner than Lyft. When I scheduled my ride with Lyft, the average wait time was 10-15 minutes. Uber's wait time has been 2-5 minutes. Uber has also been showing cheaper rates than Lyft.

Both apps are very convenient. Riders should keep a close eye on the pricing of the apps. As a safety tip, be sure you are also getting into the correct vehicle by matching license plates when the car arrives. Uber and Lyft offer excellent service, and yes, even prepaid cardholders can take advantage of it.

For more layman's guide to reloadable prepaid debit cards visit the Prepaid Cards section of our website.
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