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Can I Use Prepaid Cards On Amazon?

Can I Use Prepaid Cards On Amazon?

Can I Use Prepaid Cards On Amazon

Yes! As someone who have an Amex Serve & Green Dot prepaid card attached to their Amazon account, I can confirm that prepaid cardholders are able to use their prepaid cards on Amazon. However, I am referring to the reloadable prepaid cards which requires your personal information. At the current time we are unaware whether Amazon allow untraceable prepaid gift cards like OneVanilla, which doesn't require any personal information to purchase or use but they do allow other payments like Amazon gift cards, EBT cards, FSA and HSA cards.


Prepaid Cards Attached To

can i use prepaid cards on Amazon

**We think it is valuable information to also inform you about Amazon Reload & Amazon cash as well.

Amazon Cash

Amazon Cash is very similar to PayPal Cash barcode system now called "Digitize Cash". Customers visit a participating store, and request that the cashier load their Amazon account using a barcode provided by Amazon. The cashier will ask how much the customer is looking to load and thats pretty much it, the money will be funded into your account.

Amazon Reload
Amazon Reload is different. With Amazon Reload users are using a prepaid card, debit or credit card to add funds to their Amazon account balance. Its basically buying Amazon credits thats available to use when the customer needs to purchase a product on their website.

Neither of these methods are very popular, simply because they are not really needed. Amazon customers generally trust Amazon enough to simply attach their personal prepaid cards debit, or credit & bank cards to their account.

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