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Can I Use Prepaid Cards On Amazon?

Can I Use Prepaid Cards On Amazon?

In layman's terms - Yes, prepaid cards can be used on Prepaid cards like Netspend & GreenDot can be used to purchase items on Amazon without issue. Below I show screenshots of my prepaid cards attached to my Amazon account and share some other useful payments methods you may want to consider.

Can I Use Prepaid Cards On Amazon

Yes, Prepaid cardholders can use their debit cards on Amazon. Prepaid cards like Netspend, Green Dot, Bluebird, and others that require cardholders to enter their personal information will work. Prepaid gift cards like OneVanilla, which doesn't require cardholders to enter personal information, may not work. Amazon allows other payments like Amazon gift cards, EBT (Food Stamps) cards, FSA and HSA cards.

My Prepaid Cards Attached to Amazon Account
can i use prepaid cards on Amazon
Amazon Cash

Amazon Cash is similar to PayPal's digital wallet barcode system, formerly called 'PayPal My Cash' & 'Digitize Cash.' Customers visit a participating store and request that the cashier load their Amazon account using a barcode provided by Amazon. The cashier will ask how much the customer is looking to load, the customer pays, and that's it. The money will be added to your Amazon account.

Amazon Reload
Amazon Reload allows users to reload their Amazon gift card balance using a debit card attached to their account. Amazon Reload makes the checkout process much quicker. It's like exchanging the money on your prepaid debit card for Amazon credit.


For more layman's guide to reloadable prepaid debit cards visit the Prepaid Cards section of our website.

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