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Netspend Reload Pack

NetSpend Reload Pack: The Definitive Guide

Update: NetSpend Reload Pack has been discontinued.

Here’s What We’ve Covered:

  1. What Is A NetSpend Reload Pack?
  2. What Is TSYS?
  3. How Does A NetSpend Reload Pack Work?
  4. Step By Step: How To Get A NetSpend Reload Pack.
  5. Where Can I Get A NetSpend Reload Pack?
  6. Does Walmart have NetSpend Reload Packs?
  7. My NetSpend Reload Pack Doesn’t Work
  8. Can I Buy Things Directly With A NetSpend Reload Pack?
  9. Can I Add Money To My NetSpend Card Online?
  10. Adding Money To Your Netspend Card From Your Bank Account
  11. Transferring Money To Netspend From Your Bank
  12. Gathering Information From Netspend
  13. Adding Netspend To Your Bank Account
  14. NetSpend ATM Locations


What Is A NetSpend Reload Pack?

What is a Netspend Reload Pack


A NetSpend Reload Pack is a card that allows consumers to load between $10 – $500 on a NetSpend prepaid debit card. NetSpend Corporation, provide debit card services to their customers by allowing online and in-store transactions, cashback rewards, direct deposit, ATM withdrawals and online account access. Their headquarters is based in Austin, Texas. NetSpend is able to provide its services such as their reload pack through a company called Total System Services (TSYS).

What Is TSYS?

what is tsys

TSYS is an acronym for Total System Services, a U.S. company that issues bank credit cards and a credit card processor. Below is a full list of countries TSYS provide payment processing services to:

  • United States
  • United Kingdom
  • United Arab Emirates
  • Canada
  • Mexico
  • Brazil
  • China
  • India
  • Malaysia
  • Russia
  • Germany
  • The Netherlands
  • Cyprus
  • South Africa

How Does A NetSpend Reload Pack Work?

how does a netspend reload pack work

Visit a retail store such as 7-Eleven , Walgreens or CVS etc. While in the store, walk (or ask one of the employees to guide you) towards the Prepaid Card section. Choose the scratch-off card that says “NetSpend Reload Pack” on it. The card should display a $3.95 fee and a load amount of $10 – $500 on its package. Bring this card to the cashier and request the load amount you want on the card. The cashier scans the card encoding the load value onto the card. Some employees request a government ID so be prepared for that.

If you requested to load $75 onto the card then your total cost will be around $80. Once you’ve paid the cashier $80 scratch off the card to reveal the validation code. Head on over to NetSpend website and enter your NetSpend debit card number & validation code. You should receive a confirmation of the $75 load amount. Discard the NetSpend Reload Pack. You do not need your NetSpend card to be present when buying a reload pack. Only scratch off the validation code once you are in front of a computer otherwise you may lose it.

Step By Step: How To Get A NetSpend Reload Pack

 how to get a netspend reload pack

  1. A customer visits a participating retail store such as CVS, Walgreens or 7-Eleven.
  2. The “Prepaid/Gift Card section” of the store is where the reload pack is located. NetSpend reload pack will look like this: Netspend Reload Pack
  3. Take this card to the cash register. The cashier will ask “How much do you want to load?” The customer can load any amount between $10 – $500. There is a $3.95 fee NetSpend charges on top of the loading amount. So if a customer wants to load $200 their final cost will be $203.95
  4. The cashier will Swipe the Reload Pack activating it.
  5. The customer pays for the reload pack. Protect and secure the reload pack. At this point the reload pack should be treated like cash.
  6. When safe to do safe scratch off the gray strip on the back of the reload pack
  7. Visit
  8. Follow instructions on the website and enter the validation code onto NetSpend prepaid debit card
  9. You are done.

Where Can I Get A NetSpend Reload Pack?

NetSpend has partnered with numerous convenient stores. These stores include Walgreens, CVS, Rite Aid, Family Dollar, Dollar General, 7-Eleven and more.  Although NetSpend has not publicly stated that they’ve have discontinued the NetSpend Reload Pack, it stopped showing up in stores. Consumers can still reload their prepaid debit cards by bringing it to the register. We recommend using NetSpend’s official NetSpend Reload locator to find the nearest reload location near you.

Does Walmart have NetSpend Reload Packs?

Yes, Walmart have previously sold Netspend Reload Packs. However as we’ve stated Netspend Reload packs have disappeared from the shelves of all retail stores. You can only add the validation code to NetSpend’s official website and unfortunately it is no longer present. These are good indicators that the reload pack has been discontinued.

My NetSpend Reload Pack Doesn’t Work

If in the event your reload pack does not work contact the retail store you purchased it from. Be sure to have your receipt present and contact the manager immediately after discovering the faulty card. At the same time would also suggest contacting NetSpend to make sure there aren’t any system errors or technical difficulties.

Can I Buy Things Directly With A NetSpend Reload Pack?

What a Netspend Reload Pack looks like

No. You cannot directly purchase products or services using a reload pack. Many people have been scammed because they were told to purchase using a reload pack. Reload packs are as good as cash, so if you get scammed it’s as good as gone and there really isn’t much anyone can do about it. NEVER PAY FOR ANYTHING USING A RELOAD PACK. We’re not a big fan of using all caps but we would hate to see you get scammed.

Can I Add Money To My NetSpend Card Online?

Yes you can. Netspend cardholders can add money to their NetSpend card in several ways.

  • Bank Account
  • PayPal
  • Card To Card Transfer
  • Moneygram

Adding Money to Your Netspend Card from Your Bank Account

Adding money to your Netspend card from your bank account is easy. With just a few simple steps we’ll have you transferring funds onto your Netspend card in no time. There are a few things you should know before we get started. Before you are able to transfer money from the bank you to your card you must verify your Netspend card. We will explain it in detail below. Some banks may not offer the option for their members to add an external card to their account, which is a required function to make the transfer. Last but not least, you will need online access to your bank account. If everything we’ve explained so far is okay with you, let’s get started!

Transferring Money to Netspend from Your Bank

Gathering Information from Netspend

  1. Login to your Netspend account.
  2. In the upper left corner there should be a column that displays your account number and routing number. Netspend Account and Routing Number
  3. Write down or screenshot your account and routing number. Do not copy the Flash id.
  4. Also write down “MetaBank”. This is the bank that issues the Netspend cards.
  5. Logout of your Netspend card.

Adding Netspend to Your Bank Account

  1. Login to your online bank account
  2. There should be a link or label that says “External Accounts“, “Transfer” or something similar.
  3. If you cannot find this link you may want to call your bank and ask “How Can I add an external card to my account?”
  4. This is where the Netspend information you’ve collected comes in handy. You are going to type in your Netspend card account and routing numbers into the proper fields. Some forms also require you to also provide the bank name. The bank you are going to type is “MetaBank”.
  5. Your bank account will verify your Netspend card by making a small deposit (usually cents). This process can take between 3-5 business days. So you will have to check your Netspend account for the deposit every 2 days or so.
  6. When you see the deposit in your transaction history write the amount(s) down and head back over to your bank account to verify the amounts with them.
  7. Ta-Da! You are finished
  8. You can now add money to your Netspend card from your bank account


NetSpend ATM Locations

NetSpend Corporation offers their customers free ATM withdrawals at selected locations. This is a nice benefit to have for the frugal shopper.

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