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About Us

Layman's Terms

Welcome to Layman's Terms! Our mission is to make complex subjects easy to understand for everyone. We believe that information should be accessible to all, regardless of their background or level of knowledge. That's why we provide explanations and answers in simple, clear, and concise language.

Whether you're a student looking to learn about a new subject or someone seeking information on a particular topic, Layman's Terms is here to help. We research and gather information on various topics, from science and technology to history and culture, and provide accurate, up-to-date content presented in a way that is easy to understand. We strive to make the information we provide both trustworthy and reliable, so you can feel confident in the answers you receive. We're here to help you learn and grow, one simple explanation at a time.

Suite of Reading Tools

Below is a suite of tools to help the average user or student get the most out of Layman's Terms. These tools are available on every page you visit.

Dark Mode - To enable dark mode, users can click on the light bulb icon anytime. The screen will reduce the amount of blue light coming from the device. Instead of a bright white background, dark mode uses a black background with white text.

Audio - The vast majority of the content on our site can be listened to via audio. This can be useful for students or users who like to multitask. To enable audio, click on the speaker icon. Click the speaker icon a second time to pause the audio and a third time to resume. Users can also click the red stop icon to shut down the audio completely. For Chrome Edge web browser users, you can enable audio for an article, navigate away from the article page, and the content will continue to read as you browse our site.

Increase Font - If the article font is too small to read, click the black Aa icon on the far right. This icon will increase the article font size to your desired size. Refresh the page to get the font to default to its standard size.

Highlighting - Students who like to jot down notes also like highlighting words and phrases in the articles or contents they read. Realizing this, we enabled a functionality allowing students and users to highlight text on our articles that will be saved even if they navigate away from the page or website. Your highlights will remain if you close the browser.

*The highlight feature may work improperly depending on device and web browser use and settings set.